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Board Chair

As chairperson of the board for over 20 years, Sue is a valuable asset to Totara Farm Trust, utilising her wealth of knowledge in providing the guidance and direction that has helped both us and those we support to thrive throughout the years. Sue holds qualifications in both teaching and business and has worked with children with different and special abilities for many years. 

Board Member

With qualifications in commerce and accountancy, Jeff Small has held various CFO roles and brings to the table valuable years of expertise in accounting, strategic planning, tax and business. This helps us to ensure the longterm financial viability of the trust and the transparency required to provide confidence to the people we support and their families.



Board Member

As a practicing lawyer with expertise in Family and Elder Law,  Anne Todd has been a prominent figure in New Zealand Law for over 30 years. This level of knowledge and understanding provides a strong legal understanding to the board, meaning that in complex situations we are able to ensure best practice is applied, for the safety and wellbeing of the people we support.

Family Representative

As a family representative, Brian represents the best interests of the people we support, providing important insight as a family member of a person supported by Totara Farm Trust. Our family representatives serve as advisors to the board and help direct decisions based upon the real world impact on those we support.


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